"I had prayed for years to be mentored and influenced by older women.  What an answer to prayer!  This year encouraged me spiritually and prepared me for the next season of ministry I am about to enter into."  

-M., TBC mentee 

"I feel like I have had healing in my soul, and I have grown to know God differently and my relationship with my husband has gotten better and even the way I parent my children has changed since I started this mentoring journey.  "

- S., TBC mentee

"My mentors and fellow mentees genuinely cared about me and loved me through things.  I  felt like we were sharing our lives together.  They may not have had the answers, but they knew God did, and they prayed for me, and I for them.  "

- T., TBC mentee

Learn More about FLOURISH

Do you desire to live a transformed life firmly rooted in Jesus and the living Word of God?  FLOURISH Women's Mentoring begins in September 2021 - now is the time to apply and join other Bridge women on this journey.  FLOURISH covers a wide range of topics that are vital to you as a woman and a follower of Christ, including, spiritual disciplines, identity in Christ, purpose & calling, relationships/marriage, gratitude and others.  
The pace and flow of FLOURISH is designed to easily integrate with the busy pace and flow of our daily lives.  Each mentor group meets monthly and for alternating 1:1 meet ups.  Kick-off / Launch Night is Monday, September 20, 6:00 - 8:30 pm at TBC office.  Dinner is provided.  

Mentee applications are being accepted through August 8, 2021.  The $99 fee for books and materials (checks payable to TBC) is due on or before FLOURISH Launch Night, September 20, 2021.  (The cost for the year-end retreat will be determined at a later date but will not exceed $100.)

The deadline to submit Mentor applications is July 15, 2021.




Mentor Application

Please provide a staff member or volunteer reference from The Bridge Church:

Mentee Application