Who We Are

Our mission at The Bridge Church is to see every man, woman, and child transformed into a passionate, devoted, follower of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

As a result of faith in Jesus, four core values should be present in the life of the church and in your life personally as you grow in relationship with him. These values are a natural part of a healthy, growing church and a passionate, devoted, follower of Jesus Christ. These core values are evangelism, worship, discipleship, and service.

1. Evangelism

We are intentional about reaching out to unreached and unchurched people, both old and young alike. We want to see all generations of people to become followers of Jesus Christ, but we are especially interested in the “next generation.” If we neglect the “next generation” we will lose them. This means that we will often approach ministry in a creative, relevant and modern way with the understanding that our methods may change, but our message will never change.

We also intentionally build bridges of opportunity beyond our region. God’s vision is to reach the world through the local church. We strategically build bridges with other ministries locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally through our Hope Fund ministry.

2. Worship

We express our growing love for God by worshiping him. One of the key ways this happens is during one of our weekend services. The Bridge Church develops opportunities for corporate worship and encourages individual worship as part of a growing relationship with God.

3. Discipleship

Each person is responsible for passing down the instruction and teaching that has been entrusted to them. It is a multiplication process where the entire body is committed to intentionally mentoring others to be passionate, devoted, followers of Jesus Christ. We love people where they are, walk with them toward Christian maturity, and teach them that it is their responsibility to do the same with someone else. 

At the Bridge Church, one way this happens is by being a part of a Bridge Group – a small group of friends that meets at various times during the week in local neighborhoods for the purpose of discipleship.

4. Service

The Bridge Church does not exist for itself. As we grow and mature in our relationship with God in the areas of evangelism, worship, and discipleship, we should naturally become involved in service. When you discover your unique God-given abilities and use those gifts for the benefit of the body, the entire Kingdom of God is advanced.

Ministry Process

Our Ministry Process is based on our mission and values. It is designed to lead an individual across four key bridges as they become a passionate, devoted, follower of Jesus Christ.

Bridge #1: Evangelism We create bridges to those who do not know Jesus and introduce them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through personal evangelism and strategic corporate events.

Bridge #2: Worship We then walk that person across the bridge to worship. We help lead people from a beginning relationship with God to a consistent Sunday corporate worship service experience. The individual begins expressing a growing love for God through adoration and worship.

Bridge #3: Discipleship We then take that person across the bridge to an ongoing discipleship relationship. We lead people from the Sunday worship experience into a smaller group setting where they can go deeper in the process of discipleship. The person is growing more in love with God, learning to love others, and teaching others to do the same. Through discipleship, the individual is then equipped for service.

Bridge #4: Service We then walk that person across the bridge to personal service, helping them become personally involved in ministry. Ultimately, this leads to more opportunities for every man, woman, and child to be transformed into a passionate, devoted, follower of Jesus Christ. Our mission is accomplished, and the individual is equipped to lead others through the ministry process.

These four areas are the keys upon which we evaluate our ministries, our missionaries, our effectiveness, our weaknesses, staffing needs, etc.

Our Story

In 2001, approximately ten couples met in a home to seek God’s direction regarding the possibility of starting a new church in Venice.

On February 4, 2001 this new church became a reality conducting its first worship service, hiring its first pastor, and appointing its first five elders.

In March of 2005, the church called Matt Day to be its second pastor. With the idea of relaunching, the church embraced and recaptured a “Vision of Impact”, setting its sights on making a difference in the Venice area.

Today, the Bridge Church has focused its attention on reaching out to families, both young and old alike. The Bridge Church is intentional about ministering to families and bridging the gap to the next generation around them.

Our Leadership

At The Bridge Church we are led by the plurality of elders that are appointed and biblically qualified. These elders serve as the spiritual shepherds and overseers of the church body. We currently have seven elders. Place your cursor over photo to see name.

Our Vision

We are a modern, relevant, Bible based church that ministers to the whole family. Our church is made up of people of all ages and from all walks of life who are seeking to follow Jesus and represent Him to the world around them.