Want to know what is on the Horizon?

We know that our congregation eagerly awaits updates on our current projects.  We will post new information as it becomes available.

Land Acquisition

Property details:


2400 N. River Rd. Venice, FL 34292
Close to interstate exit 191 for River Rd.


As of 10:51 am, Friday, May 31, documents have been signed and land is purchased by TBC!


21 Acres

Community Access:

Easily accessible from North Port, Englewood, Venice, and Nokomis via I75 or River Rd.


Aerial drone footage:

Updates listed newest to oldest:

November 24, 2019

There is a 5 member Land Development Team working on 3 major areas:

  • Preliminary Design
    • Land Development Team and Elders are working with Cosco & Associates on: Conceptual design of new TBC campus, 800-850 seat worship center, children's and youth classrooms and worship, congregational gathering spaces, administrative offices, parking, entry access, signage.
    • The conceptual design is in progress and is based on the concept of  "a church in a park".
  • Special Exception Process
    • A Development Review Committee Pre-application Meeting held on October 3rd, 2019. The Land Development Team is currently addressing Sarasota County Staff comments in a formal application.
    • A Neighborhood Meeting held on November 12, 2019. Topics addressed were: grand tree assessment, traffic study, historical resources, storm water & flood plan mitigation, utilities & signage.
    • The Land Development Team is submitting a formal application for Special Exception with Sarasota County in January 2020. There is a 5-6 month time frame for approval.
  • River Road Widening project - Right-of-way
    • The Land Development Team is currently negotiating the 50' x 245' right-of-way of our property being taken by Sarasota County for road expansion right-of-way.
    • In April 2020 Sarasota County will turn over River Road to the FDOT.
    • The Land Development Team has formally met with the FDOT and Sarasota County in anticipation of this to make both aware of our future church project.
    • The Land Development Team has requested a median break with left hand turn land at our entry.

The team is consulting with civil engineers, designers, builders, and legal representatives to determine the best course of actions.

August 16, 2019

There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes since our purchase of the 21.5 acres on River Road.  The following list will bring you up-to-date:
  •  Special Exception:  we have engaged a land-use attorney, and civil engineer to assist TBC with the application to Sarasota County for planned usage of the land for our proposed new church campus.
  • Left-Turn lane:  a series of meetings have been set up with Sarasota County and FDOT to add a left-turn lane onto our property.
  • Right-of-Way:  The County's plans to widen River Road will include taking part of our entrance way property for the project.  We are currently in negotiations with the county regarding how it will affect our future project, and what financial terms we want to pursue.
  • Initial Timeline:  we are working with our consultants, COSCO & Associates, to help set up a realistic timeline on development of our church campus and assist with conceptual site planning.
  • Test Dig:  several test dig holes were completed on 8/10/19 to determine general quality and feasibility of using the on-site fill from a future storm-water pond to elevate areas for our building and parking.  It was successful, and verified our assumptions that the existing soils appear to be suitable as fill, and most, if not all, of the material can be generated from our own site.  Special thanks goes out to our church family members Jon Shipps and Tara Sall who have been so generous with their time, and endured the rain to get this accomplished!
May 31, 2019

  • Purchase of the 21 acre site on River Road has been finalized as of 10:51 am, Friday, May 31.
  • We paid for the property in full with cash that had been designated to the building fund.
May 20, 2019
  • The Bridge Church is under contract for the 21 acre property at 2400 N. River Road.
  • The seller agreed to an offer of $650,000.

Pastor Search Update

Lead Teaching Pastor

Search Team:

Maria Brinkley
David Brower
Sam Hardie
Bob Kucinski
Paul Prachar
Dave VanCamp


On February 12, 2020 an offer was accepted for the Lead Teaching Pastor position. We are excited to announce that Josh Robinson will be our new Lead Teaching Pastor. His first day at TBC will be March 29. His first Sunday preaching will be April 5. 
October, 22 2019

The search team continues to work diligently on the process of selecting a Lead Teaching Pastor for The Bridge Church.  To date, we have reviewed over 100 resumes from potential candidates from across the country.  We have identified certain candidates that possess the educational and preaching background that we are seeking.  We are continuing to receive resumes from potential candidates and will do so until we have found the ideal candidate for our Church.
Please continue to be in prayer for us as we seek the person that God has already selected as our Lead Teaching Pastor.
September 1, 2019

The  search team has been reviewing multiple candidates over the past several months, and  has taken a very serious look at a few of the applicants.  They have visited the church of a particular candidate of interest, and will be moving forward in the process with him, however, they want you to know that they are still accepting resumes and reviewing additional candidates.  
They ask that you continue to pray for the team, for the man that God has for this particular position, and for the process.  They know that God has already identified and chosen him, and is preparing his heart for the move to TBC.  It's their job to be open and obedient to God's leading in finding the man he has chosen for us. They will continue in this search and move forward in the process with those the team sees to have great potential for TBC.
June 23, 2019

The search team has held two more meetings since their first report, and their comprehensive search plan is now ready. All policies and procedures, including candidate vetting and the evaluation process, are in place. A job description and biographical sketch of the Bridge Church for our internet presence is being finalized, and you will see the official announcement on the Bridge Church website next week. We’re very excited about that. The search team has received resumes even before the opening had officially posted, so they will begin interviews very soon.

The strategy of where and when to target our announcement of this position requires contacting church leaders across the country, reaching out to seminaries for alumni contacts, and posting the lead pastor teaching position on job search engines. And here’s where the Bridge family can be of assistance: if you think of a potential candidate, please let us know. The man God wants at this pulpit may be a relative, a friend, or even your former pastor. If you have a lead, e-mail the office and let us how to contact you for information. pastorsearch@tbcvenice.com.

As the search team continues this important work, several scriptures are brought to mind. This week we want to share two: Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” And one from the New Testament found in Romans 8:28, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”
We know that God has already prepared a man to be lead teaching pastor, and we understand He will bring the right person to The Bridge Church in His perfect timing.
The search team will be updating you on a regular basis and all information will be on The Bridge website as well. In the meantime, we deeply appreciate your prayers and support.
The first meeting was held on May 21, 2019.

A comprehensive workbook has been compiled to organize their search procedures, and systems to recruit and evaluate candidates are already in place. As a guideline, they are using a book written by a Christian consultant who has a long and successful history of working with Churches conducting pastoral searches. They realize that God has already chosen the person that fits our needs, and that prayer is our greatest asset during this process. They ask that each member of The Bridge pray that God will bring the right person forward in His perfect timing. The search team will be updating you on a regular basis from the pulpit and will be publishing information on The Bridge website. They deeply appreciate your prayers and support as this important process unfolds to reveal what God has planned for us.
May 15,  2019

The interview process for the Pastor Search Team is complete. They are TBC members with two years standing to when The Bridge was founded 18 years ago.
May 5, 2019

Two of the Elders have met with the Pastor Search Team candidates and will notify them next week who will be included. The goal is to have a diverse group that represents the church and can give us some good input on what their small group/demographic/perspective is as well as use their circle of influence/friends/family, etc to see where we will get our next teaching pastor.