Small Group Leader Resources

Group Leader Networking

Share your struggles and celebrate  your victories with other group leaders on a closed Realm group just for small group leaders. You are not in it alone! Find it under your groups on Realm.

Rightnow Media

Access 100s of free curriculum resources for your group through TBC's subscription.

How to use Realm

Realm is our main group communication tool as well as our online church directory and administration software.

TBC's Safe Childcare Policy

 Having children involved in a small group presents challenges for parents and leaders working to keep them safe in a group setting.

How to Keep Gossip Out of Prayer Requests

There can be a fine line between sharing prayer requests and spreading gossip. This helpful article gives tips to keep things moving in a healthy direction.

3 Circles Gospel Sharing Guide

An easy guide to presenting the Gospel.

Professional Counselor References

If someone in your groups would benefit from professional counseling encourage them to get connected with one of our counseling references.

Counseling Someone Contemplating Suicide

You need to get TBC pastors and professionals involved right away. Read this article for where to begin.

Individual Assistance

For specific or confidential questions contact our Community Pastor Steve Cleckner at

Babysitting Reimbursement Form

TBC will reimburse up to $10 an hour for a babysitter that meets TBC childcare guidelines.