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Elder, Matt Day

Matt Day

What Does God Mean To Me?

Jesus is my God, my friend, and life.  He has revealed Himself in His Word.  He has indwelt every believer through the person of the Holy Spirit and He satisfies the longing of every human heart.

Allen Smith

What Does God Mean To Me?

A Father that is all forgiving, the source of lasting hope, joy, and a Savior that is always available to me.

Steve Cleckner

What Does God Mean To Me?

He is a loving Father who constantly pursues me and desires a personal, intimate relationship with me. Through Jesus He made that type of relationship possible! No matter what I do right or wrong HE loves me and is always ready to forgive me when I ask.

Ken Wagner

What Does God Mean To Me?

God means Life to me. God is the very essence of my existence. God means purpose and destiny to me. He is the driving force that keeps me working hard to fulfill my calling in Jesus and in Life. God means love to me. By loving Him more than anything else in the world, I can love myself, my family, and my friends. God is the light of my world, and I strive each and every day to let His light shine.