New to TBC


Our Sunday service takes place at the New Venice High School Gym. Click here for directions.

Service Times

We have 2 services at 8:45am & 10:30am.  Our service lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Our atmosphere can be described as dynamic. It is fun and challenging, contemplative and engaging, high energy and knee bending. We invite you to come and experience it for yourself.


Our desire is for you to draw close to God. We facilitate that through modern worship that incorporates both contemporary choruses and traditional hymns. We also use media that is relevant and engaging. When you leave, we want you know you have personally met with God.


The God of this universe has revealed Himself in this incredibly relevant and supernatural book called the Bible. It is our job to open it, teach it, and let it change us as we understand its sacred contents. All we do centers around its teachings and its central character–the Lord Jesus Christ.


We want to meet you, we want to know you, and we want to involve you in our community of faith where you will build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Here are some FAQ’s

What should I wear?

We’re not concerned about how you dress. If that doesn’t help, then blue jeans and the like are great. We are definitely a Florida casual church!

Is there something for my kids?

Yes. We offer a dynamic and specific curriculum for every age all the way up to 5th grade.
BridgeKids (6 weeks to 6 years) 
Kidzworld (1st – 5th grades) 

What can I expect?

You can expect a friendly atmosphere and an engaging, relevant worship service that includes live music, various media, and a challenging message. The entire service lasts for about one hour and fifteen minutes.

Will I be asked to do anything?

No. We respect your sense of personal space.

What are the people like?

The people that attend come from all walks of life. Although we have a younger feel, folks of all ages attend our church. It is very possible that you already know someone who attends the Bridge. People from all kinds of professions worship side by side, from lawyers to plumbers, and school teachers to bankers. Everyone is welcome.

What do you expect from me?

We don’t expect you to do anything except to come and be part of our family of faith. When you visit, we will not single you out in any way. Everyone is treated the same whether you are visiting for the first time or are a long-term part of the family. We are simply honored that you would come.  At some point, we want you to  embrace the claims of Christ.  Click on the video below to find out how to do that.