Grace Marriage

Watch this short video below to find out more about Grace Marriage. 


6 Hours Every 90 Days

Couples invest time, resources, and creativity into their own marriage. Groups of 10-12 couples meet for 6 hours every 90 days to be engaged by Biblical concepts and look big picture. Then the couples create action steps and implement strategies to protect and promote life in their marriage the following quarter. Groups stay together quarter-after-quarter, year-after-year.

Group Dynamics

Quarterly sessions are a time for couples to connect individually. The group dynamics allow for community and collective insight from marriage couples at every stage of life. Though there is no forced sharing, transparency tends to form after couples have experienced depth of relationship.


Marriage Is Worthy of Great Investment

Marriage is analogized to the relationship between Christ and the Church and should be life-giving and full of grace. We want your marriages to be strong and vibrant because it's those marriages that will draw your children to solid marriages. It's those marriages that will draw people to Jesus and we want Jesus to overflow into the world now and for generations to come through your marriage.

Benefits of Marriage Coaching

  • Simplify your life! Have space to be strategic and intentional.
  • Grow. In knowledge, expertise and implementation.
  • Connect. With your spouse and other couples.
  • Have fun. Take a break, think, pray and plan.
  • Settle your mind. Withdraw from stress and demands. Find peace, rest and clarity.
  • Reduce anxiety. Manage your life, think and plan.
  • Experience rewards. Invest in and enjoy your marriage.
  • Motivation. Be encouraged in grace and get motivated to protect and grow.
  • Hope. Thinking and planning brings hope and change.
  • Make a difference. Change your marriage. Motivate others. Start a cultural movement. 
  • Only 6 hours every 90 days!


Cost: $300 for the year.  A non-refundable deposit of $150 is due at time of registration. Balance due November 2.