Chris Cahill Children’s Minister

What is Kidzworld?

A fun and creative 1 hour and 30 minute worship service designed for kids 1st – 5th grade!  We strive to teach children about who God is and how to apply His truths in their lives.  We incorporate music, Bible stories, games, and activities each week.

Security/How do I check my child in?

Please visit the Kids Check-in area at the entrance of the Kids area. Your child will be given a sticker to wear and you will be given a receipt to keep with you. The number on your receipt is personal to you. Should your child need you during the service, the number on your receipt will be put up on the large screen at the front of the worship center. The receipt with your child’s number on it will be needed in order to pick your child up after the service.  All of our volunteers have been required to complete a background check.  We have a security team in place each Sunday that monitors the children’s hallway and is able to assist in any way to ensure our church is safe and secure.

What will My Child be learning?

We strive to present biblical truths in a creative, engaging, and age appropriate way. During the large group time, children hear Bible story truths presented through a variety of creative methods. These methods include different creative teaching techniques including drama, surprises, games and fun activities that vary from week to week. During the small group time, children engage with adults and are able to learn about God on a more personal level.

Become a volunteer

Can you change a life in just an hour a week? Yes you can! Kidzworld has many different opportunities for you to put your faith into action. Pray about how you can make a difference in the lives of others.  We need you, they need you, and most importantly God need you.  If you are interested in volunteering in Kidzworld, please fill out the form below and let us know how we can help you make that decision to get involved. Click Here for volunteer information.