International Missions

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLance and Lynn Anderson serving in Haiti

Haiti Care Mission – Mission Directors
Haiti Care Mission is an independent ministry that strives to share the love of Jesus with the children of Haiti.  We have sewing groups across the United States who create items such as dresses, diapers, shorts, backpacks and toys for the children of Haiti.  We travel to have over 6 times each year to deliver the Gospel of Jesus to the children of Haiti and distribute items of love to them.  We partner with other missionaries in Haiti to support and encourage them in their ministries.  Haiti Care Mission consists of the Anderson family along with our partnering churches and faithful sewing groups.

Billy and Donna Pic by Becky BPastor Billy & Donna Hires serving in Africa and Latin America

Missionary Ventures International – Discipleship and Missionary Care

After being a pastor in Tampa for 30 years, Billy and Donna now serve the Kingdom of God through Missionary Ventures International. They travel about 70% of the time in Africa and Latin America conducting conferences with church leaders on the topics of Biblical marriage & family and discipleship. These are huge needs in the Church around the world. They also spend much of their time providing pastoral care for 17 missionary families in Africa and Latin America as well as training new missionaries as they prepare to go onto the field.


Whites Profile picJim and Theresa White serving in the Dominican Republic

Sharing the Vision

We have been serving on the island of Hispaniola for 19 years.  We founded the mission “Sharing The Vision” and our heart is to make disciples who then make disciples through intentional and personal relationships. We are equipping believers through the our Santiago church plant, International Christian Church, where Jim currently is pastor and I, Teresa, lead worship. We are building a Discipleship Training Center on 13 acres in the foothills of the Dominican Republic. We host short term teams coming for ministry and outreach projects. We also offer an internship program for young leaders who want to know how to use the Word of God properly and effectively.

minThe Bridge Church supports a missionary family that ministers to a restricted access country in North Africa. They strive to make known God’s love that can be found through Jesus Christ.  Please speak to our Missions Committee for more information, due to the sensitivity of their location.



VSI Color on White

 Village Schools International

Tanzania, Malawi

We send missionary teachers to small villages in Africa to get so involved in the lives of their students that sharing the Gospel is the natural result of loving them. Our first school was built in early 2005 in just 70 days, inspiring a movement that today involves people from 193 villages in Tanzania and 46 villages in Malawi working together to build schools for their children. Thirty-one schools are already open, seven others are under construction, and just over 8900 students are enrolled who otherwise would never have had a chance to go to school.  The education we provide is designed to prepare our students to bring transformational change to their own lives, to the lives of their families and to the lives of people in their villages.  Our education is Christian, empowering and both academic and practical.


Love Serves Logo blackLoveServes International

Dominican Republic

We are radically transforming the local church model from the traditional to the Biblical by intense coaching and empowering local pastors to apply Ephesians 4:12 “…equipping God’s people for works of service….”.

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