There’s Hope

Interested in having your ministry considered for a Hope Fund ministry partnership? The Bridge Church welcomes the opportunity to explore all that God has for us as it relates to our mission.

The Bridge Church is pleased to introduce you to our Hope Fund initiativeThe mission of the Hope Fund is to ensure that within The Bridge Church’s circle of accountability and influence, every man, woman and child has repeated opportunities to hear and see the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished by partnering with like-minded organizations and individuals committed to this same heartbeat. Recognizing the importance of our task, potential partnerships are prayerfully considered and assessed through the use of a specifically developed matrix that includes five key criteria:

  • Mission/Vision
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Ability to Influence
  • Uniqueness of Opportunity
  • Governance/Financial Stability

The matrix helps identify strengths and opportunities in light of The Bridge Church’s mission, vision, values, desires and plans.

The Hope Fund currently supports many individuals and ministries locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, and is privileged to consider many new opportunities each year. Partnerships can consist of financial support, equipment, training, consulting, and/or mentoring.

Also, The Bridge Church family is faithfully committed to the Hope Fund, and as a result, solicitation of support by individuals and ministries directly to the body is generally not allowed outside the purview of the Hope Fund process, understanding that personal networks and relationships may already exist.

Partnership Process Overview

Step 1: Please review all the information on this webpage concerning Hope Fund partnerships. Complete and return your survey to or The Bridge Church, Attention: John Rector, 720 Commerce Dr., Unit 104, Venice, FL 34292. (Please note that submission of this information does not guarantee in any way a positive outcome for a partnership of any kind.)

Step 2: Completed surveys commonly take 6-10 weeks to process fully as partnerships are evaluated on several levels both geographically as well as their current and potential impact in reaching every man, woman, and child within The Bridge Church’s circle of accountability. Additional information might be requested from you during this process to better assess your partnership opportunity.

Step 3: Notification of The Bridge Church’s decision will be sent to you upon completion of your ministry’s partnership evaluation. The Bridge Church is committed to doing all God has called it to do which will entail engaging many partnerships but may also require graciously declining others.

If your ministry would like to be considered for a Hope Fund partnership, please select the appropriate survey below. Kindly read and answer to the best of your ability the questions found on the survey. The information provided will remain confidential and will be only used to assess this opportunity from the Bridge Church’s perspective.


Bridge Missionary Support Application Interactive
Missionary ORGANIZATION Support Application Interactive