Hope Fund Ministry Partnership

Hope Fund Ministry Partnership Application

The Bridge Church supports many ministry partners locally, regionally, nationally and globally. In order for us to be able to facilitate the many requests, as well as support the interests God has placed on our hearts, we have developed some protocols to aid in that process. We endeavor to be intentional and obedient to what God has called us in light of the resources He has provided through His people.

The Bridge Church’s application process gives us the ability to assess the degree in which we align with the asking organization as well as with the activities being planned. This alignment is first and foremost missional as it relates to the gospel but also looks at the strategic intentionality of the effort. We are definitely excited
about places where God has enabled us to facilitate national movements of the gospel in specific foreign countries.

It is understood that these questions will take some time to answer, and The Bridge Church appreciates your diligence in that regard. This information, once submitted, will be processed as soon as practical. Please also understand that submission of this information does not guarantee in any way financial support of any kind. The Bridge Church is committed to doing all God has called it to do which will entail many partnerships but may necessitate graciously declining others. Each and every decision will be prayed over including this one.

Hope Fund Ministry Survey

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What is the Mission Statement of the Organization/Individual as it pertains to the ministry requesting funds?

What are the core values and beliefs of the Organization/Individual requesting funds (please be as brief/concise as possible)?

Please give a brief history of the ministry requesting funds. (How has God already used it and positioned it?

Number of people directly impacted per week by this ministry (now and in the future)?

What is the total level of support needed ($USD/month), amount already raised ($USD), one- time support needed ($USD), amount being requested ($USD) and for how long (months)?

What is the ministry’s (individual’s) relationship to The Bridge Church and how does it (do you) support the on-going ministry of The Bridge Church?

Briefly describe your goals and expectations for your ministry in the next 2 years and how you plan to achieve them. (Please be as brief and concise as possible.)

Briefly describe your personal testimony, education background and ministry >.

Describe the accountability in place as it relates to this ministry and/or the individual requesting support (spiritual, organizational, financial).

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