Global Outreach

Crossing cultures to transform lives and communities among unreached, vulnerable, and forgotten peoples.

Our Focus Areas

The Bridge Church is focusing it's time, resources and energy in four areas around the world . . .





It's time to S.T.A.R.T.

Mission objectives of The Bridge Church

Spirit Led

We insist that where God does not lead, we will not go. We rely on prayer to hear the heart of Jesus so that He can guide us to His endeavors, and to receive strength to overcome inhibitions in working cross-culturally.

Tactical Focus

We will intentionally focus on the "less is more" model. We may have fewer missionaries, fewer projects and fewer trips than many churches, but we will give more, pray more and involve ourselves more deeply with those we feel God prompts us to partner with.

All In

Every follower of Christ is called to be ON MISSION. We will provide opportunities for participation in our Great Commission work and prepare a range of training and educational opportunities for all ages and all levels of experience. We will form partnerships that enhance our capability of applying the gifts, talents, and resources of the entire congregation.

Radical Sacrifice

We will take risks for the gospel. Radical sacrifice must always overflow from a heart that is gripped by the gospel.

Transformative Change

We believe in a holistic approach to community developent that pursues a significant, lasting change in the people. In addition to enabling a community to meet its own basic needs, we will strive to promote a positive change in the whole of human life materially, socially, and/or spiritually. By transforming a community, it will in turn transform us.

How can you S.T.A.R.T.?

There is a place for everyone to be a part of missions at The Bridge Church.


Pray for our Focus Areas and missionaries and ask God to do more than we can ever think, ask, or imagine!


Learn about God's heart for the nations and the role you must play in this great endeavor.

Sacrificially Give

Look inside and commit your time, talent, and treasure to support our Focus Areas and their needs.


Commit to taking a short-term trip with The Bridge Church or commit to surrendering to God's call for missions.

Join the mission

Serve the Kingdom on one of our upcoming mission trips.

Active Missionaries

Paul & Alida Bowers

Peru - Take God's Word, power & provision to youth and children.

Hands at Work in Africa

Zambia - Provide care for children in Chibote care point.

Billy & Donna Hires

Africa & Latin America - Equip indigenous churches and  church leaders.

Dustin & Emily Miller

The Dominican Republic - Providing basic needs and education for children.

Craig & Brenda Rebro

South Africa - Support to front line ministry caring for orphans and widows.

Peter Swanson

The Dominican Republic - Train pastors to help their congregations reach out to their community.

Children's Hope Chest

Guatemala - Partner with Libre Infancia to care for children in extreme poverty.

Phil & Elin Henderson

Mozambique - Bible translation and church planting among the Mwinika people.

Rick & Ellen Manuel

France - Christian Student Camps.

Darryl & Kim North

Peru - Ministry to the Quechua people.

Neftali & Alyssa Rubio

Mexico - Sports ministry, one on one discipleship for children & youth, church planting.

"Rooftops" National Workers

Closed countries - Create Christian gospel programing for satellite distribution.

Encourage our active missionaries

Write and encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.