Benevolence Fund


The Pat Brown Benevolence Program is intended to provide financial resources and/or assistance with necessary services to Members or Regular Attenders of The Bridge Church. Our purpose is to share the healing message of Jesus Christ with Bridge Church families who are in need.

Financial Assistance may be provided in times of difficulty to answer the need for medical treatment or professional counseling, unique home expenses or repairs, family travel expense in times of illness or bereavement, unforeseen car repairs, funeral expenses and payment of other special bills.

Assistance with Service Needs may be provided in the form of labor for home repair, moving assistance, cleaning, plumbing, painting, electrical repair, lawn care, auto repair, meal preparation or any number of other services as deemed appropriate by the benevolence committee and staffed by deacons and qualified volunteers.


Pat Brown was a Godly woman and a long-time member of The Bridge. The way she lived was evidence that having a strong faith in our Lord Jesus Christ will carry you through life’s most difficult struggles. She was an inspiration to all who knew her. A smile on her face, a warm hug, and a positive testimony – that was Pat.
Our benevolence program strives to continue her legacy by finding opportunities to share the Lord’s love and kindness with people in need. We view the experience and joy of serving as a blessing! And, we earnestly desire the opportunity to pray with and for members of our church.


The Benevolence Fund is a source of service assistance or one-time financial gifts to address unique and critical financial needs (while in unusual circumstances, the Deacons’ Benevolence Committee may decide to help more than once). Assistance may also be provided in the form of goods or services. The type of aid that is appropriate depends on the individual’s needs and available resources. The benevolence program operates under the governance of the Elders of The Bridge and in accordance with the approved benevolence fund description.
Referrals to Community Resources
In some cases, as determined by the Deacons’ Benevolence Committee, those requesting assistance may be directed to appropriate charitable or social services agencies.

Benevolence Process

1. Complete the Request for Assistance using the link below or by calling The Bridge Church Office for a copy of the request form. The on-line request will be routed to the Benevolence Committee deacons for initial review.
2. The Benevolence Committee will arrange a meeting with the requester to verify the needs, gain additional information and establish specific and reasonable goal(s) to be achieved through the Church’s gift or service.
3. The person making the request will be informed of the decision (whether approved or disapproved).
4. Arrangements for services will be made or checks processed and disbursed. As much as possible, checks from the fund will be payable directly to vendors rather than to the individuals requesting assistance.

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