2017 Missionary Christmas Catalog

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We are so blessed here in the United States. How about sharing the love of Christ this Christmas with the people and missionaries we support at one of our four Focus Points? Below you will find a catalog of items you can purchase to help missionaries living in the bush or children who are just trying to survive. You can make a donation in a friend or family member’s name, then download a printable card at the bottom of this page and give it to them for Christmas!

Note: filling out the catalog will take you away from this page, so you will need to navigate back here when you are done to get your card.

Download one of the printable cards below if you donated to a missionary on behalf of someone else. Let that person know about the ministry being done and the impact made in their name. This is a great gift!

Rooftops Christmas Card
Mozambique Christmas Card
Guatemala Christmas Card
Zambia Christmas Card